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How Many Coloured Pencils do you Need

How Many Coloured Pencils do you Need?

When it comes to starting out with colouring, one of the first questions people ask is “how many coloured pencils do you need?” It’s a valid question; after all, you don’t want to invest in…

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Benefits of Mandala Colouring

10 Benefits of Mandala Colouring

Mandalas are a type of circular design that is used as a form of meditative art. Mandalas can be found in a variety of different cultures, and they often represent the universe or a person’s…

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Is Colouring A Form of Meditation

Is Colouring a Form of Meditation?

If you love colouring or you’re thinking about giving it a go, you might have wondered if it’s a form of meditation. After all, both activities calm the mind and help us to focus but…

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